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Flight Airline Origin City Scheduled
6194 United Denver 12:34 AM
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Flight Airline Origin City Scheduled
5328 Us Airways Charlotte 5:20 AM
3408 United Washington-IAD 5:50 AM
3775 Delta Connx Detroit 5:50 AM
3303 Southwest Baltimore 6:00 AM
3814 United Chicago O'Hare 6:05 AM
3133 American Chicago O'Hare 6:08 AM
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82.0° F - Fair
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Everyday thousands of business people and other travelers – your customers – pass through the Dayton International Airport. Providing an excellent opportunity to attract a desirable demographic group. There are more than 4,000 acres of green space on airport grounds, which is divided up into four different development sites. Utilities and infrastructure are already in place.