Travel Tips

Helpful Hints For Travelers

The security checkpoint is open daily from approximately 4:00 AM to 8:00 PM. This schedule may change slightly depending on the changes in the outbound flight schedules.

The airlines request that passengers arrive at least two hours prior to flight departure. TSA Security Checkpoint Wait Times

DOT Updates Its Guide to Air Travel

DOT has released an updated version of its Fly Rights: A Consumer Guide to Air Travel.

The guide provides air travelers with advice on such issues as how to obtain the best airfare, what to expect when a flight is delayed or canceled, and how to avoid travel scams. The guide provides information on federal airline regulations in a number of areas, including accommodating air travelers with disabilities and rules for bumping and baggage compensation. Fly Rights also contains information on airline safety, air traveler health and how to file official complaints against airlines.

Fly Rights is available online at

For more travel tips, newsworthy items, threat levels, contacts for Transportation Security Administration's claims, etc. check out the Transportation Security Administration website at

Plenty of parking is available at the airport. All lots are within walking distance.

Should you need a wheelchair waiting for you at your final destination, tell your airline.

Have identification on the outside and the inside of all your luggage.

The BUSINESS TRAVELERS CENTER offers a quiet, business respite area for you providing phone and internet services as well as private conferencing areas.

Each airline has a maximum number of bags that you can take on board. Check with your airline when making your reservation

All flights within the United States are non-smoking flights. The Dayton International Airport is also a non-smoking airport.

When checking in, passengers over 16 years of age are required to present a photo ID.

For tips, visit the Department Of Transportation's web site at and/or