Taxi Services

Taxi Starter service is available between 7:00 AM and midnight (or 30 minutes past the arrival time of the last flight, whichever is later) 365-days a year. The Taxi Starter is located in a booth directly in front of the Terminal and can also be reached at (937) 890-3217. Upon your request, the Taxi Starter will cue a taxi to take you to your destination.

The taxi companies that serve Dayton International Airport are:

Air City Yellow Taxi
Telephone:  (937) 254-1100

All America Taxi
Telephone:  (937) 610-0202

All-USA Taxi
Telephone:  (937) 567-1111

Anytime Taxi
Telephone:  (937) 228-5555

Clean Cab
Telephone:  (937) 242-8779

Dayton Express Company
Telephone: (937) 226-9999

Diamond Taxi
Telephone: (937) 277-1000

Miami Liberty/Checker
Telephone: (937) 222-2822

Petra Cab
Telephone:  (937) 297-9999