DAY Recycling Program

All of us here at the Dayton International Airport (DAY) share a commitment to environmental responsibility. That’s why we created a comprehensive program aimed at recycling the majority of the airport’s waste stream. We’re already making significant headway toward that goal. We’ve reduced energy consumption, implemented green construction practices, and transitioned to earth-friendly cleaning products.

But that’s just the beginning. With your help, DAY we’ll continue to find new and better ways to conserve vital natural resources and landfill space in the months and years ahead.

Terry Slaybaugh
Director of Aviation

Every day’s a “Great DAY to Recycle.” And at the Dayton International Airport, we’ve taken strides that have improved our recycling efforts by 30% – efforts that remove hundreds of pounds of material out of the waste stream every day!

Thanks to an incentive grant from the Montgomery County Solid Waste District, the airport’s recycling campaign kicked off with the creation of special promotional displays and instructional signs on repurposed trash receptacles throughout the facility alerting customers to ways they can help cut waste and conserve resources.

We also worked with RUMPKE Recycling, to audit a single day’s worth of trash at the airport terminal. That research gave us a critical snapshot of the comingled recyclables, solid waste, and compost generated daily at the airport. We’re using that picture to develop and implement new improvements to our recycling program.

For example, our research showed that customers entering the TSA security checkpoints were all too often leaving nearly full containers of coffee, soft drinks, and water in the trash and recycling cans. The solution? We located new portable Liquid Collection Stations at checkpoint entrances making it much easier for passengers to separate liquids from cans and bottles for recycling.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the Dayton International Airport Recycling Program. And a special thank you to all our sponsors and partners who make the program possible.